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Exhibition of Practice

Homo Horizontalis. Video, 14 minutes 3 seconds. 2021. Unmute to listen.

Time Off. Video, 4 minutes 9 seconds. 2020. Unmute to listen.

Self-Estrangement as Method, Part 1. Video, 11 minutes 46 seconds. 2020.

Self-Estrangement as Method, Part 2. Video, 15 minutes 44 seconds. 2020.

These videos are artwork-tutorials that were made with the purpose of sharing my performance method as a brainstorming strategy. The original audience was the Intelligence Debiased research group at Exposed Arts


If pressed for time, only watch Part 2. Unmute to listen.

Personal Metrics. Performance experiment and discussion, 2 hours. 2020.

00.00.00 - 00.11.50: Introduction

00.11.50 - 00.33.00: Performance experiment

00.33.00 - 02.04.27: Discussion

The audience is asked to fill out a personality questionnaire for three fictional characters that I perform for them. The questionnaire in use is the HEXACO-PI-R.

If pressed for time, only watch the performance experiment (20 min). Unmute to listen.

The Politics of Inner Self. Video, 41 minutes 33 seconds. 2020. Unmute to listen.

The first performance video in which I alternately assume the position of two characters that are in conversation at a faux research event.

If pressed for time, watch from 05.39 - 15.30 (ca. 10 min).



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