Scripting for Agency

Dear Examiners,

Welcome to my upgrade exam submission site, and thank you for agreeing to participate on my panel. I’m excited to have the chance to talk about my work with you. 


I’ve laid out the elements of my PhD project in the order I recommend, but feel free to jump around or follow a preferred route. Each element will appear on its own page, from which you’ll always be able to navigate back to this page. I’ll walk you through these elements now.


After the Abstract, you’ll find the main contribution of my project: the Exhibition of Practice. The exhibition is made up of a selection of video performances made during the PhD so far. Some of these works are longer, which I’ve indicated as such in case you only have time to sample them.


In parallel to the PhD, I have also been writing a novel called Anomaline. The novel is a big part of my practice overall and has influenced my PhD a great deal, but it has an errant agenda of its own that is too unruly to fit into the confines of this particular thesis. Think of the novel instead as my consultant, or semi-trustworthy friend, who is likely to make frequent appearances but also rudely exit the conversation as it pleases. Although the novel is as much an artwork as my performance videos, in relation to this PhD project it is being submitted as documentation.

After this you’ll find my Contextual Review, which outlines the motivations and questions in the project, followed by a Dissertation Sample, including two chapters of the written thesis, called Accommodating Others: The Role of Author as Medium and The Shape of a Thinking Thing. Finally, you’ll be taken to the Structural Outline of the thesis and the Timeline to Completion, which indicates both what I’ve done so far and what I intend to do for the remainder of the PhD.

Thanks again for taking a look, and I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.