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Scripting for Agency

Dear Examiners,

Welcome to my upgrade exam submission site.


This landing page gives a structural outline of the submission elements.


Each element will appear on its own page, from which you’ll always be able to navigate back and forth by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of each page. I’ll walk you through these elements now.


After the Abstract, you’ll find the main contribution of my project: the Exhibition of Practice. The exhibition is made up of a selection of six video performances made during the PhD so far: Time OffSuburbiaThe Man on the CeilingThe Trickle Traitor EffectHomo Horizontalis, and The Politics of Inner Self.

After this you’ll find the Contextual Review, which outlines the motivations and questions in the project, followed by a Dissertation Sample, which includes two chapters of the dissertation. These are: Accommodating Others: The Role of Author as Medium and The Shape of a Thinking Thing. The remaining chapters are outlined in red in the Timeline to Completion (see below).


Next you will come across the Documentation, which includes a novel I have written in parallel to the PhD research called Anomaline. The novel is a separate project to the PhD and is therefore not an essential part of the thesis submission. However, it is guided by similar preoccupations and explores some themes that intersect with the PhD project, and so may be of secondary interest.

Finally, you’ll be taken to the Timeline to Completion. It includes a detailed record of artwork and research already undertaken, which can be discovered through the expandable text boxes and links. It also includes a sketch of the remaining research, practice and dissertation chapters and when I expect to complete each of them. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



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