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Vernacular Spectacular 


17 minutes 5 seconds

Curator and art writer Paul Carey-Kent wrote a nice piece about this film on his blog after seeing it at the place where it was shown for the first time: Xhibit 2017, at Bermondsey Project Space, an annual exhibition showcasing the work of students from UAL:

There are obvious and less obvious reasons to visit Bermondsey at present: Larry Bell’s sculptural rooms of glass at White Cube, David Batchelor’s first wall paintings at Matt’s, Waltercio Caldas’ resonant precision at Cecelia Brunson Projects, Anita Klein’s joyous linocuts at Eames, a delightfully sharp survey of the ‘Eccentric Geometric’ at ARTHOUSE1…  There’s also a showcase for 32 University of the Arts London students, of which one would expect less. Yet several interesting works feature across three levels, and the basement includes a showreel of films by Katarina Rankovic which piqued my interest as much as anything in the area. Her practice, which she describes as a ‘one woman empathy circus’, sees her adapt her appearance, accent and manner to a range of characters in short monologues. They are knowingly theatrical yet convincing, astutely witty, and carry their sub-texts about the construction of the self and the making of art with a natural ease.   Go there or – as there isn’t long left – to

Paul-Carey Kent, on

September 2017

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