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During my MA at Central Saint Martins, I worked in all sorts of media. I was well into writing my novel Anomaline, I had made performance video works and was just breaking into doing some live performance too. I was making drawing and sound pieces. In the end, I decided to pair down and create a simple video trilogy of 'pseudonyms'; characters that came out of my performance practice. You can see each video by clicking on the titles, named left to right in accordance with the image above: 'Twenty Percent', 'Voxels of Truth' and 'Psuedo'.

One character professes a pseudoscientific claim, the other a pseudophilosophical one. The final character wishes to convince you of the ideology that is her self, for she is a pseudo-person, a conscious fictional character.

I also made the bench. I'm quite proud of that.

The Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins Degree Show

23 - 27 May 2018

That's me sitting on the bench in the middle. It's actually extremely rare I find, for anyone at a show featuring my performance videos to realise that the work is mine, even though I am right there and at the same time clearly pictured in every single video. I used to be embarrassed hanging out around my own work at a show, but now I've come to find I can comfortably do it in perfect anonymity.
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