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Live Work & Exhibitions


Not To Be a Singular Being was curated by Renee Zhong, featuring installations and performances by Asuf Ishaq, Diana Zrnic, Maria Joranko and myself. Here I am shown giving a reading from my unpublished novel Anomaline. Featured also were five performance films and a reading of A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers.

Chisenhale Art Place Studio

25–27 September 2022


Mixed Bag was a group show organised by the PhD cohort at Goldsmiths College in 2021, installed at The Church. The work featured here was Individual Relic, a collaboration between artist Nina Davies (video) and myself (text).

The Church,
St James Hatcham Building, Goldsmiths

23 - 26 Feb 2022


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2021 was judged by Michelle Williams-Gamaker, Hew Locke and Tai Shani, and featured five video works of mine: Pseudo, The Widow, Rose, Time Off and Others Will Love Me. The BNC show always tours in London and one other city.

Firstsite, Colchester
25 Sept - 28 Nov 2021

South London Gallery, London

10 Dec 2021 - 20 Feb 2022

1P5B2927New Writing with New Contemporaries_LIVE_19_02_22_©Rosie_Reed_Gold.JPG

New Writing with New Contemporaries was a live event at South London Gallery, showcasing the work of artists in the New Contemporaries show 2021 who use writing in their artistic practices. Here I presented a long-running iterative 'theatrical seance' of mine, A Ritual resuscitation of Eternal Lovers, performed by two volunteers from the audience who had not encountered the text before.

South London Gallery

19 Feb 2022

Failures and Repetitions 010.jpg

Failures and Repetitions was a group show curated by Tom Cardew and Aled Simons, featuring video work in which the artist themselves is the sole performer. Featuring Bláithín MacDonnell, GWENBA, Tom Cardew, Aled Simons and myself.

Five Years Gallery

13 - 23 Jan 2022


Letter to the Dominant Character was a one-day exhibition that consisted of a screening of five recent video works, with an accompanying text titled Letter to the Dominant Character. Curator Clara Rodorigo joins me in a conversation about the work.

MARs Art Research Building, Goldsmiths

23 Nov 2021


Individual Relic was a collaborative work initiated by Nina Davies during a workshop. She presented me with TikTok videos of viral gestures and dance, and asked me to respond with a piece of writing. Video by Nina Davies and text by me. Published online in Editorial Concreta.

Editorial Concreta

8 Aug 2021


Failures and Repetitions was a group online residency at Five Years Gallery featuring Bláithín Mac Donnell, GWENBA, Aled Simons, myself and Tom Cardew, who also curated the instagram takeover. For my instalment, I presented a video (Home Affairs), text app (The Index Finger’s Speech) and a live reading from my in-progress novel, Anomaline.

Five Years Gallery

15 - 21 Feb 2021


Authors and Agents is a lecture about theories of authorship that underpin how we go about our role as artists and how we conceive of our own practices. Followed by a Q&A with artists Zoë Mendelson, Nelson Diplexcito and art students at Wimbledon and Camberwell College of Arts.

Wimbledon & Camberwell College of Arts

13 Jan 2021


The Politics of Inner Self is an experimental video Art Research Presentation in which I explore the possibilities of acting differently yet remaining 'genuine' in my disparate personas, allowing them, for the first time, to converse.

Online Presentation, Goldsmiths College

27 Oct 2020


Online Performance Art Festival hosted my first live online performance; a 'classic' within my own personal cosmology: Pseudo.


Online Performance Art Festival

22 Oct 2020


Personal Metrics was a public art research installation in which I performed three characters for the audience, asking them to then fill out a personality questionnaire based on their impression of each character. 

MARs Research Hub, Goldsmiths College

21 Jan 2020


Ridiculous! was a group show at Elephant West, curated by Paul Carey-Kent, featuring some of my drawing, performance and video. 


Elephant West 
9 Jan - 1 Feb 2020


Vernacular Spectacular was my first solo exhibition, showcasing video performance works made between 2012-19.


Tension Fine Art

9 August - 7 September 2019


The 24th Biennial of Humour and Satire in Gabrovo, Bulgaria awarded myself and my partner and fellow artist Tom Cardew with the Golden Aesop Grand Prix in Contemporary Art for our very silly satirical film, Art to Artillery.


Museum of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo

17 May - 30 September 2019

An Exhibition on One Hand was... well, an exhibition on a hand! Curated by Joe Richardson (and exhibited on his left hand), I was allotted the index finger, for whom I wrote The Index Finger's Speech. Your index finger can perform it too, by clicking here. (Note: the index finger in my text is male because Joe identifies as a male. But don't let that stop you!)

Kingsgate Project Space
21 Mar 2019


Pseudo is a fictional character that becomes spontaneously self-aware and launches on a ten-minute lament about the nearing end of the performance. What is the life of a fictional character, and do you care?

Various Venues



Central Saint Martins Degree Show exhibited my MA Fine Art project, Pseudo; a video installation comprised of three characters: one a pseudo-scientist, one a pseudo-philosopher, and the last, a pseudo-person with a sad tale of her own.

Lethaby Gallery

22 June 2018


Linear Constellations was a one-hour, live drawing lecture held on Refinery29's online channels. A collaboration with R29 following my receipt of the R29 Artist Vision Award at Xhibit 2017, held at Bermondsey Art Project Space.


22 June 2017


Xhibit is an annual showcase of art made by students, from BA to PhD level, at the University of Arts London. I was doing my MA at Central Saint Martins at the time, one of UAL's colleges. And on the opening night I won this swanky award from Refinery29 for my Vernacular Spectacular film! I'm the awkward one to the right of the fabulous Claire.

Bermondsey Art Project Space

21 April - 14 May 2017


Somehow You and I Collide was the 2017 work-in-progress show for MA students at Central Saint Martins at The Laundry. The group show featured two of my films, Lorelai and Voxels of Truth, a publication of some of my written work, and a poster. By some strange accident, three men in my life got involved in some way in my work for this exhibition.

The Laundry

16 - 19 March 2017


This is an Art School was a collaboration between Central Saint Martins art students and the Tate Exchange, housed on the fifth floor of the Tate Modern, London. For this event, I held a performance and lecture called Blind Scripting in the auditorium of that space.

Tate Exchange, Tate Modern

13 January 2017


InDialogue was a two-day art research symposium at Nottingham Contemporary, on the function of 'dialogue' in art practice. I presented my performance lecture Blind Scripting. In the foreground you can see two audience members I spontaneously recruited from the audience to read out an experimental script; a dialogue between two characters that is supposed to 'free' them from fictionhood.

Nottingham Contemporary

1-2 December 2016


The Crypt Residency was a week-long group residency held in an arts space in the crypt beneath St Pancras church in Euston. The environment is intensely gothic, which suited me very well at the time; I was in the midst of writing my novel Anomaline, which has gothic themes running all the way through it. Here was a chance for me to live in my lone protagonist and to really embody her.

The Crypt, London

10 - 16 October 2016


Wimbledon College of Arts Degree Show 2016 featured the culmination of my BA work, which I called The Blind Script. In a darkened room, I screened a series of five films, each representing a different art project that sought to meditate on the qualities and potentials of 'scripting'. In the middle of the room was a lamplit desk and three chairs, overlooking five 'script' publications I made to accompany each film.

Wimbledon College of Arts

16 - 25 June 2016


A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers is a text-based performance designed for two voluntary readers who have never encountered the text before. People often think of determinism as an inhibitor of freedom, or agency. Actually, determinism is not incompatible with the possibility of freedom (Dennett, 2003). This performance is an attempt to script for the agencies of the two fictional lovers, Rosa and Lawrence.

Various locations

2015 - ongoing


Wimbledon College of Arts was where I studied for my BA, and on a couple of occasions, I held mini-exhibitions here. These were mock shows for assessment purposes, but I like to look at them even now. This one features a new photography project at the time, booklets of poetry, a little singing woman and frustrated embroidery pieces.

Wimbledon College of Arts



Wimbledon College of Arts was where I studied for my BA, and on a couple of occasions, I held mini-exhibitions here. These were mock shows for assessment purposes, but I like to look at them even now. This one featured a series of Vernacular Spectacular videos, cinematically projected, a text piece and a film about drawing.


Wimbledon College of Arts


image (33).jpg

CUE was a two-person show curated by Tahmina Negmat, Kosha Hussain and myself, featuring mine and Tahmina's work. Held in a former Victorian public lavatory in Kennington, the gallery featured two collaborative paintings made by Tahmina and myself; drawing, print and sculpture by Tahmina; and drawing, sound and film displayed in 'one-person cinemas', (aka. toilet cubicles) by me.
Artslav Gallery

30 May - 10 June 2014

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