CUE was a two-person show curated by Tahmina Negmat, Kosha Hussain and myself, featuring mine and Tahmina's work. We were only in the first year of our BA but were quite determined to put on a show and worked quite hard to make it happen! Held in a former Victorian public lavatory in Kennington, the gallery featured two collaborative paintings made by Tahmina and myself; drawing, print and sculpture by Tahmina; and drawing, sound and film by me. A jumble of references flooded into the curation of the show, with everything from Fellini to jazz; and from post-apocalypse to fashion divas. It was a true improvisation between Tahmina and me, 'jamming' via various different visual media. 

Artslav Gallery

30 May - 10 June 2014

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Clockwise from top left: drawing by TN; toilet seat sewed by KR; sound piece by KR (The Doctor, 7 min, 2014); video by KR (Amado Mio, 6 min, 2012).
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The New Jazzmags played at our opening, right there in the underground lavatory! Image Credit: Fluid4Sight.
Interview with London Live. A pretty nervous couple of art students.