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Somehow You and I Collide was the 2017 work-in-progress show for MA students at Central Saint Martins at The Laundry. The group show featured two of my films, Lorelai and Voxels of Truth, a publication of some of my written work, and a poster. By some strange accident, three men in my life got involved in some way in my work for this exhibition.


They were all trying to help. It was unsolicited. It was also endearing. In a kind of fit of frustration, I called the resulting ensemble: My father edited the video, my boyfriend bound the book and my grandfather made the poster. Katarina Rankovic presented by the men in her life” (2017).

The Laundry

16 - 19 March 2017

My dad edited the video...
My boyfriend bound the book...
Grandfather Poster.jpg
My grandfather made the poster...
Lorelai. 20 min. 2017.
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