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Wimbledon College of Arts Degree Show 2016 featured the culmination of my BA work, which I called The Blind Script. In a darkened room, I screened a series of five films, each representing a different art project that sought to meditate on the qualities and potentials of 'scripting'. In the middle of the room was a lamplit desk and three chairs, overlooking five 'script' publications I made to accompany each film. Below are high resolution images of the publication covers. The small ink illustrations are hand drawn directly onto the cover. Below that, you can see my sketch for the film, and how each chapter corresponds to one of the publications.

Wimbledon College of Arts

16 - 25 June 2016

The Blind Script publicatons, 2016.
Film playing: Script III, A Story About a Drawing.
Film playing: Script II, Vernacular Spectacular.
Working on the The Blind Script publicatons, (above). A sketch of the screened films (right).
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