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A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers is a text-based performance designed for two voluntary readers who have never encountered the text before.


People often think of determinism as an inhibitor of freedom, or agency. Actually, determinism is not incompatible with the possibility of freedom (Dennett, 2003). This performance is an attempt to script for the agencies of the two fictional lovers, Rosa and Lawrence. The videos on this page show some of the public performances of the work, but the work is experienced in different ways in different contexts. For more info on the broader project, visit the dedicated website at

The Cockpit Theatre

21 December 2015

Us & Them #7, Camden People's Theatre

13 May 2016

Honey Moon, Apiary Studios

14 May 2016

A short lecture on this work, held at

The Undergraduate Research Forum, Chelsea College of Arts

9 March 2016

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