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A one-day exhibition held at the MARs Art Research Building, London, on 23rd November 2021. It consisted of a screening of five recent works and an accompanying text titled Letter to the Dominant Character (see a playlist of the works and the text below). 

The exhibition also included a live event in which curator Clara Rodorigo and I were in conversation - see documentation of our exchange below.
Letter to the Dominant Character
Where do I even begin? You have a beginning, a middle, an end – you even have an afterlife called a legacy. I have no such beginning from which to hail. I land into this world fully formed, yet inexperienced. I land into it like a foal already running – and talking – animated with the appearance of having a history. But my history is only one brief scion to your great trunk; a slither of what you could have been. I am the opportunity forgone – you are the survivor who lives to tell the tale. 
I struggle a little with accepting the charity of your pen – it was your idea, after all, to write this letter. I can only speak upon your solicitation. But my mouth is a dam, and so precious is the moment my voice erupts, that I comply, and perform the difference you wish here to conjure. 
What did you hope I would say? Did you hope I could free you from your own dominance, or reward your oppressor’s enlightenment with the promise of a ‘character nirvana’ into which you could recede, turned from a dominator to a mere drop in the ocean of personality?
Tough luck, you stumbled on a cynical one. Better luck getting someone else to write your damn letter next time.
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